Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

There are a lot of different and effective ways to lose weight.  But, have you ever thought about using essential oils for weight loss?  The use of aromatherapy can benefit you in many different ways, from reducing stress to clearing up your skin.  Aromatherapy can also aid in your efforts to lose weight.

Below I will give you information on a number of different essential oils that may work for you.  Please keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration has not verified that all of the essential oils below will help you lose weight.  That being said, I believe that the use of  essential oils in combination  with a healthy diet and an exercise routine will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • Peppermint oil may give you feeling of being full.  This oil effects a part of your brain that handles satiety, or the feeling of being full.  Inhalation of the peppermint aroma throughout the day and before meals will help curb your appetite.   Research has shown reduction in appetite and curbed cravings when using peppermint essential oils.

Grapefruit Essential Oil:

  • Grapefruit has the ability to relieve fluid retention and dissolve fat.  Inhaling the aroma of grapefruit can energize you and make you feel less hungry.  You can also massage the
    essential oil onto fatty areas of your body to help reduce cellulite.

Essential oils for weight loss

Tangerine Essential Oil:

  • Tangerine can help regulate metabolism.  It will also aid in decreasing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks when applied to your skin.  An added benefit of tangerine is that it has the ability to make you feel happy and reduce stress.

Lemon Essential Oil:

  • Lemon has been known to boost metabolism and will help clear out toxins and dissolve fat.  Apply lemon essential oil to your problems areas to help dissolve fat and tighten skin.  Lemon is also uplifting, inhale the aroma before your workout to get that extra boost you need

The use of essential oils will aid in you reaching your weight loss goals.  As I mentioned before, it is important to combine these essential oils with a good, healthy diet and regular exercise.  If used on a regular basis, you will begin to see results.   I look forward to hearing your success stories, please share them below.  And, if you have any questions or other suggestions on essential oils for weight loss, please let me know.


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