Essential Oils for Acne

There are a number of essential oils for acne that will help erase acne and relieve some of the other less visual effects that acne can have on you.

Acne is a problem for people of all ages.  Unfortunately, I suffer from acne that was passed down in my family genes (a little tougher to get rid of).  Essential oil dropper

Below I have listed out the main essential oils for acne, and if I have used them to treat my acne, I have left my personal opinion on how they worked on my skin. I suggest that you try a few different essential oils to see which one will work best with your skin.

1). Tea Tree: Anitbacterial/antimicrobial.  The Tea Tree has been known to kill acne bacterial that is responsible for breakouts.  Best method of application is to place 2 drops on a q-tip, then dab the affected area of your freshly washed skin.  The key with Tea Tree is that “less-is-more”, you don’t need to use a lot in order for it to work.

  • I have used Tea Tree to treat my acne, in fact I still do on occasion.  The first couple times I probably used too much thinking that I as going to get rid of this acne fast.  Once I scaled back to a couple drops a night as mentioned above, I noticed that in the areas that I applied the Tea Tree oil, the acne dried up faster and was gone quicker than if I didn’t use anything.  Now I only use it a few times a week to get rid of the more troubled areas faster.

2). Lavender Oil: Soothes damaged skin.  Lavender is used for a lot of different skin problems, ranging from rashes to bug bites to acne.  Lavender will not cause excessive drying or irritation.  Again, I use the same method of application as I did with the Tea Tree oil.  2 drops on a q-tip apllied to the affected area of you skin.

  • I have also used Lavender on my acne.  Compared to the Tea Tree it was more gentle on my skin.  The Lavender didn’t dry my skin out as much as the Tea Tree did.  I no longer use the Lavender for my acne, I preferred the results that the Tea Tree gave me.

3). Witch Hazel: an astringent.  Witch Hazel is not classified as an essential oil,  but is does have some amazing acne clearing qualities.  Witch Hazel is an anti-inflammatory and will aid in the reduction of acne symptoms.  It will not break the cylce of acne, but it will help.Witch Hazel

I LOVE my Witch Hazel.  I occasionally add it to my facial cleanser, but most of the time I dab it direclty onto my skin.  I have noticed visible improvement in my skin.  Reddness has reduced and inflammation is put to a halt.  I can’t say for sure if it stops breakouts for me, but it is absolutley making a positive change in my skin.

4). Roman Chamomile: Anitbiotic, antiseptic.  Chamomile will have the same effect as the Lavender oil.  In addition to aiding in ridding your skin of acne, it can also improve skin tone making your skin soft and smooth.

5). Sandalwood: antimicrobial.  Sandalwood fights oil and bacteria that block your pores.  It also decreases inflammation to take away the redness that typically comes with acne.

These are my top essential oils for acne.  There are others, but the oils shown above are at the top of the lists.  Give them a try and let me know how they worked for you.  Or, if you have already tried these, please comment on the positives and negatives of the results.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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