Lavender – Must Have Essential Oil #1

To start our list of the Must Have Essential Oils, we have Lavender.

Lavandula angustifolia – Steam Distilled from the leaves, flowers and buds of the plant.  The essential oil has a fresh, floral and herbaceous aroma.  This essential oil is anti-bacterial and safe to use on children.

The list of uses is quite extensive, which is why it is know as the #1 essential oil to so many.  Lavender essential oil is mainly known for it’s ability to act as a sedative, and it’s capability to ease stress and anxiety.  Lavender can also help babies with colic and aid in their sleep.

These benefits alone are enough to make Lavender a must have.  But there are many more uses…..

Lavender can be used for all of the following:Must Have Essential Oils

  • Migraines, Headaches, Depression, Cuts, Rashes, Asthma, Burns, Dermatitis, Itching, Athlete’s Foot, Bug Bites, Hypertension, Vertigo, Whooping Cough, Allergies, Chicken Pox, Chapped Skin, Scars, Joint Pain

So, as you can see Lavender essential oil is one of the essential oils that every home should have.  No matter what your needs, Lavender will definitely be a positive addition to your aromatherapy kit.
Lavender Essential Oil, Cert. Organic, .25 fl oz: HF


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